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  • Suga Office is located in Yokohama, 40km away from a center of Tokyo, and works diligently as management consultant to its clients in a variety of management issues.
  • Our main focus is to support local and global companies needing management solutions. We stand apart from other consulting firms by offering one-stop solution service regarding different management issues.
  • We provide partial or total, step-by-step support for overseas companies expanding into Japan and for Japanese companies expanding overseas.
  • With rich networks, both throughout Japan and Asia Pacific Region, we maximize the benefits of its consultation service to its clients. In Asia Pacific Region, our clients obtain practical advantages from our on-the-spot locations and local professional knowledge.
  • For foreign companies having interest in making an inroad into Japanese market, we are offering "representative office service" so that they can use us as their "virtual" Representative Office in Japan before their full-fledged entry in the market. Also clients can capitalize on our in-depth professional knowledge and experience in Japanese business arena.

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Service for non-Japanese companies

Representative Office Service

We will work as clients' "virtual" representative office in Japan for a reasonable retainer fee. We are able to act as Clients' "legs and arms" in Japan, making the most of the office location and Japanese business knowledge.

With in-depth professional knowledge, we can assist companies in a variety of business issues from market feasibility study through to incorporation of company in Japan.

We are able to cope with any requests from our clients as a go-between to Japanese business counterparts.

Bilingual service is generally expensive in Japan but our clients can enjoy the benefit of cost reduction through our service.

Profile of the office representative

菅正至Masashi Suga


  • Birth day: 1958.10.30
  • Graduated from KEIO University in 1984 (Majored in Economics)
  • Manager of international Division in Ernst & Young in 1994
  • Assistant to President in Olivetti Corporation in 1995
  • HR Director in Datacraft Japan in 2005
  • Representative of Suga Office in 2007


  • METI Registered Management Consultant
    (METI:Ministry of Economy and Trade Industry in Japan)
    Registration No. 211173

What is METI Registered Management Consultant?

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    15-7 Idogaya-Nakamachi Minami-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 232-0052, Japan
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